Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This is Toby.
Also Toby with his biggest brother!

He's our new baby, and is now 5 1/2 months old. He is a really good boy, who tried his best to hold in his peepee and poo until he is able to go outside. One thing that really surprised us is that he slept through the night on his very first night here! When we got up in the morning, he was quietly sitting in his bedroom area (a large cage under the stairs, where he can see through the door into our bedroom, and see us sleeping!). He had a habit of biting or nibbling at our fingers at first, but he seems to have learned not to, now. When we let him run around the house, he gallops (like a horse) around and around the table, and the children enjoy lying down in his path, so that he jumps over them. He's a Jack Russell Terrier, and we got him in early August, when he was almost 3 months old. The poor little guy had to wait in the pet store for us for 2-3 weeks, while we sorted out a problem with the paperwork and changed our guarantor for renting the house, since our old guarantor would not sign the paper for us to get a dog, although we had assumed that she would. We had already found him and put a small deposit down on him, and we didn't want to give him up, so we did a rush job and found another guarantor (our old guarantor had been asking us to find a new one, anyway). He waited in the pet shop throughout that process.

Our favorite song to sing to him is "To---by!" This is modeled after a song that is famous here, called, "Yuu---ji!", which is sung by a man who is apparently like a Japanese version of Bruce Springsteen. This song "Yuu---ji!" is from the 80's I think, and seems to be about a past friendship with a man or boy called Yuuji. This song is now sung at our pro baseball team's games, whenever one of our players (named Yuuji) comes up to bat! My older son goes around the house singing this song... "Yuu---ji! ..... kaeritai, kaerenai... dadada,dadada, etc..." "I want to go back, but I can't go back, .... "