Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Twins of the past

One of my favorite hobbies is family history research. One thing I've found interesting is how, in the past in the U.S., twins were given more similar names than is common now. Here are some pairs I've found (most of these were related to me somehow-or-other):

- girl twins Clarris and Ferris (b. 1916)

- boy twins Morris and Louis (b. 1922)

- girl/boy twins Eva and Evan (b. 1891)

- girl twins Marlyse and Marvel (b. 1904)

- girl twins Margaret and Martha (b. 1855)

- girl twins Elva and Eva (b. 1926)

- girl twins Ann and Hannah (b. 1879)

- girl/boy twins Dona and Donald (b. 1921)

- girl twins Mary and Minnie (b. 1857)

- girl twins Lulu and Lola (b. about 1880?)

...and the most similar ever...

- girl twins Olive and Olivia (b. 1871) !!