Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy birthday Jiji!

(here age 1 and 1/2)

My little guy Jiji is 9 -- Happy Birthday! He is enjoying his 3rd grade year at Japanese school. He has recently joined a baseball team, but is not so sure yet about the long hours involved, so I've been letting him skip about half of it! He would really like a Gameboy Advance for his birthday (even though they are old), because there is this one small part of this one Gamecube game that gives you something extra if you hook up your Gameboy Advance - nice going, Nintendo. Well, he will not be getting one! We have prepared a few other presents, though.

Some funny comments by our 8-year-old over the course of the year...

- "Can humans eat grass?" (while walking in the park)

- "Are midgets rare?" (he quietly asked me, a few seconds after catching sight of a very small person in a crowded department store)

- When I was discussing with my parents whether to send some of my used books via them to my sister (who had recently had her 4th child)... "Well, she doesn't have time to READ, with all those BABIES!"

He loves writing memos to the other people in our family... some memos we have found (usually on the kitchen counter) over this year...

- "Not to be tuched. Drying beetle. " (found on the kitchen shelf, next to a dead beetle)

- "To enybody From Jiji" (taped to this was a piece of dried red chili that he had found in his food, which his daddy had told him he didn't have to eat... so he left it taped to a memo paper, for "enybody" to have)

- found on my dresser, a memo tucked into one of those name-and-address tags for luggage ... "to Mommy or daddy (どっちでもいい)". [=either one] Unfolding the memo, it said inside, "I don't know what this is But I found it on my Desk"

- next to a folded tissue: "Do not throw away (this is Jiji's to ) (はがぬけたっていみ)" --- he meant to write "tooth" instead of "to", so lucky there was the explanation in Japanese, [=it means my tooth fell out]

- "ecsperiment DO NOT TOUCH" (found next to a cup of mysterious purple liquid)

- "this is for Jiji warning - (Jiji Has already Sucked on it)" -- a memo found next to a lollipop

- "I dident know what to do with the Krust So I left it Here" -- a memo found on the kitchen counter next to some bread crusts
edited to add: I forgot about 2 of the cutest ones, that are attached to our fridge. This one showed up clipped to the fridge a couple of weeks ago, after I bought Jiji some of his favorite milk (MegMilk):
- " to Mommy or daddy thank you so so SO SO So much for the Meg MiLK ♡♡ from Jiji"
- The cutest memo appeared on the front of the fridge a few months ago - "always Need to use the seceret ingridient. (Love♥) "